Public History

A few fantastic resources that I’ve run across in the last month.

One of the great things about going to conferences is that you discover things that seemed boring on paper are actually fantastic.  When I was in New Orleans, I went to a panel on teaching history and one of the standout papers was from the WWII museum (in New Orleans).  The paper addressed the museum’s use of yearbooks for public history workshops and I was convinced.  Here is the link with lesson plans and yearbooks from nearly every state:

A recent news item about a new exhibit in Israel that tells the story of the Holocaust through children’s experiences continues to haunt me:

There is a conference on public history (and food) at Holy Cross on Monday, June 1st.  Registration for students is $60 and includes lunch (of course!).  I am hoping to attend:

And, finally, because today’s class is partly about career options for folks who don’t want to teach (in a formal way in a k-12 or college setting), I found this list quite lovely in terms of thinking about how a history degree translates into lots of desirable job skills:  Yes, we rock!  (plymouth rock).


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